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Are these your daily chores after a busy and hectic day at the office?
  •  Battling your way home against the traffic jam;
  •  Leave the office late to wait for the traffic congestion to disperse;
  •  Unwind yourself at the nearest shopping mall and come home late, tired and
     exhausted? Or...
  •  Rent a room at the nearest hotel to rest for a while?
No way! That’s not good alternatives for relaxing at all.
Introducing Shogun Reflexology, a great place where you and your partners can relax
for a moment in a calm, healthy and relaxing way. To some, we are nothing more than
an ordinary reflexology center where your needs are met, but to us and our loyal visitors,
Shogun is more than just that.
We provide not just reflexology services for your health, but we proudly create
an atmosphere where you can truly relax yourself and leave with a whole new level of freshness.

How can we help you?

We provide two traditional japanese reflexology packages for your health and relaxation. Our services ranging from foot relaxation and steamer (Tsubo Therapy), steam pocket body herbal therapy, ear candle treatment and hot stone treatment.

Please click here to see our complete packages

How do you find us?

We are opening in a strategic place in Jakarta where you can reach us easily. Please visit us here:

Shogun Kedoya

Ruko Prisma Kedoya Plaza Blok D/1 (next to ranch market)
Jl. Raya Perjuangan No. 11, Taman Kedoya Permai Lt.2,
Kebon Jeruk, Jakarta Barat 11530
Phone: (021) 531-0532/937-87345

Shogun Grand Wijaya

Grand Wijaya Center Blok H No.1-4
Kebayoran Baru, Jak-Sel 12160
Phone: (021) 725-7659/9-3456-287

Please make direct reservation by calling us!

Franchise Opportunity

Come and grow together with us.

Are you looking for a promising franchise business to open?
Look no further. Shogun Reflexology is one of the fastest growing reflexology business in town. Right now we own reflexology centers at the most strategic and busiest places in Jakarta. Envisioned not to be just another copycat in the myriad of reflexology centers, Shogun Reflexology provides a solid business consultancy with proven franchise system.

Show your interest today by placing a call to:

Mr. Anthony Wijaya

(021) 531 0532 | (0852) 1376 888 0
Or email at:


We open daily at:
Monday-Friday : 10AM - 9PM
Saturday-Sunday : 10AM - 10PM
(including holiday)

Shogun Care Center
Shogun Kedoya | (021) 531-0532/937-87345
Shogun Grand Wijaya | (021) 725-7659/9-3456-287
Visit our blog for updates at: